27 February 2017

Yesterday I was moved.

You believe because I told you I saw you under the fig tree. You will see greater things than that.

Things are greater than they were before. They’re more complex, but they’re greater.

I’m starting a little exercise today, up until Easter, I’m going to write down how my partner is great with an example specific from that day.

Today she laughed at my jokes.

I love when she laughs.

27 February 2017

2017, 24 February

Consumption. After doing some mindful accounting, I’ve found that most of the minutes  in my day are spent consuming. Consumption itself isn’t an entirely bad thing. In fact, we need to consume in order to function.

But, what I find I need to allow time and space for is to create. This morning I learned that moments of serendipity can happen if students are given an opportunity to share what they create. (@dkuroptawa)

I endeavour to create more.

I endeavour to consume quality.

"Aehn-ohn (airplane)." -#benjubs

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2017, 24 February